Cookie Policy

1. Cookies on our Site

This Cookie notice provides you with information about the cookies we use on and (our Site) and the purposes for which we use them.

You can manage your cookie preferences at any time by clicking on the button below.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store on your browser when you visit them. Cookies are useful because they allow a website to recognise your visit and collect information about how you use that website.

3. The cookies we use

The cookies we use are either strictly necessary or optional.

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies ensure that our Site is able to function properly. We don’t have to ask for your consent to store these cookies on your browser. We’ve listed the categories of these strictly necessary cookies below.

a. Cookies that help you log on

We use these cookies to remember who you are when you log on to secure areas of our Site. You won‘t be able to log on without them.

b. Cookies that helps us provide core services and features

We use these cookies to provide core services and features on our Site. These services and features won’t work without them.

We work with service providers and third parties who also set these cookies on our Site.

c. Cookies that helps help keep our Site secure

We use these cookies to protect the security of our Site. For example, to make sure the website is only accessed by genuine users. This helps us to keep you safe.

d. Cookies that help us detect fraud or crime

We use these cookies to help us identify suspicious behaviour on our Site so we can protect both you and us from fraud.

Optional cookies

We’d also like to use cookies to provide optional features, improve our Site and support advertising and social media.

We understand that not everyone likes data to be collected about them when it’s not strictly necessary, and so we’ll ask you to set your preferences when you first visit our Site. To make it easier to choose which optional cookies to accept, we’ve organised these cookies by category. These are set out below. Where relevant, we’ve also explained which of our trusted partners helps us make use of these optional cookies.

You can choose which categories you’d be happy for us to use in your cookie settings and make changes at any time by selecting ‘Manage cookie settings’ on your browser settings.

a. Cookies that we use to make your visit more personal

We use these cookies to ensure our optional features and services work. Our Site will still work without them. This category may also include:

Cookies that allow us to customise what you see on our Site and where, based on what we know about you

Cookies that help prevent fraud on other websites or services that you haven’t asked to use when you’re on our Site

Cookies that help keep secure other websites or services that you haven’t asked to use when you’re on our Site

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b. Cookies that help us improve our Site and our services

We use these cookies to help us understand how people use our Site. We can then use this data to improve how our Site works. For instance, we may use analytics providers to identify and count visits to our Site and to see which pages people go to and what they do there.

We work with service providers and third parties who also set these cookies on our Site.

c. Cookies that support marketing

We and our partners use these cookies to understand what you’re interested in on our Site and on social media. These cookies may also identify which other websites may have directed you to our Site. This is so we or our partners can personalise our marketing to you, including online advertising and through post, email, telephone, text, secure message or social media. You can change your mind on how you receive certain types of marketing message or choose to stop receiving them at any time. You can find more details about this in our Privacy Policy.

We work with service providers and third parties who also set these cookies on our Site.

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4. How we remember your cookie preferences

Your preferences are stored in cookies stored on your browser. If you switch off a category of cookies that you’ve previously accepted, then for technical reasons those cookies will not be deleted.To delete cookies from your browser, we recommend that you clear your browser data. If you do this, or change browser, we’ll ask for your preferences again when you next visit our Site.

5. Cookie duration and your browser settings

The length of time for which cookies are stored on your browser varies depending on the cookie. Some cookies only last for your online session, whereas others will stay on your browser for a reasonable time afterwards. Unless we’ve given a specific time in the list of cookies above, the cookies set via our Site will usually last between 3 and 24 months from your most recent visit to our Site.

Some of our partners in the list above also use the same cookies to collect information about the use of their own or other websites. In these cases the cookie can remain on your device, usually for up to 24 months from your last visit to the site that accessed that cookie.

You can use your browser settings to delete cookies that have already been set at any time. You can also use your browser settings to manage cookies, for example, to switch off a cookie altogether. If you do this, it could mean that we can't use strictly necessary cookies properly and so parts of our Site may not work correctly. For more information about how to use your browser settings to clear your browser data or to manage cookies, check your browser 'Help' function.

6. Cookies and your privacy

The information cookies collect, and how we use that information, may count as personal data. We may also be able to identify you by name, IP address or session ID. You have rights regarding how we collect, store and use your personal data.You can learn more about how we use your personal data in our Privacy Policy.