Serai Partner Specific Terms - Airwallex

Service Name:

Serai Powered by Airwallex

Third-Party Service Provider:


Last updated: 16 August 2021

1. Introduction

  • a. Thank you for using Serai Powered by Airwallex and its financial, payment and/or related services (the “Airwallex Services”).
  • b. By using the Airwallex Services, you agree personally and on behalf of your Business to be bound by these Terms and the Serai Network Terms of Use. If there is any conflict between these Terms and the Serai Network Terms of Use, these Terms shall prevail.

2. Serai's rights

  • a. You acknowledge and agree that Serai shall have the right to conduct the following on Airwallex’s platform:
  • i. View and manage your Airwallex global accounts, wallet and account information;
  • ii. charge your Airwallex wallet; and
  • iii. initiate transactions on your behalf.
  • b. You acknowledge and agree that Airwallex and Serai may share certain information related to you with each other, including account information and payment status. We shall process such information in accordance with these Terms, Serai Network Terms of Use and Serai Privacy Policy.

3. Relationship between Serai and Airwallex

  • a. Serai Limited is not licensed to provide the Airwallex Services. Airwallex (or its sponsor with respect to Airwallex Services provided in the U.S.) is licensed and solely responsible for the provision of the Airwallex Services. Serai receives a commission for its referral.
  • b. Any information regarding the Airwallex Services which is passed on, published or disseminated to you by Serai (the “Information”) may contain financial product advice issued by Airwallex or its sponsor. Serai does not provide, endorse or otherwise assume responsibility for any financial product advice contained in the Information.
  • c. You acknowledge and agree that we are not your agent or an agent of Airwallex. You agree that any dealings you have with Airwallex shall be subject to Airwallex’s terms of service and privacy policy; we are not a party to any agreements between you and Airwallex.
  • d. For any concerns relating to the Airwallex Services, please contact Airwallex directly. You agree that you shall look solely to Airwallex and/or its sponsor for any loss, claims or damages arising from, or related to, the Airwallex Services. You specifically release us from any and all claims arising from or relating to the Airwallex Services.