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Visualise, understand and protect your supply chain.
Get a holistic view of your supply chain, with visualisations, alerts and insights that help protect your business

Visualise, understand and protect your supply chain

Serai Visibility provides a clear view of your supply chain, so you can take action quickly, mitigate risks and make more informed decisions. Simply upload a list of your partners and we’ll transform thousands of external data points into visualisations and insights on your partners, markets and industry.
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Why Visibility matters?

There are many challenges with the way businesses manage risk in their supply chains today.
Managing supply chains has traditionally been a difficult and manual task. Supply chain visibility is a competitive advantage that helps modern businesses prepare for, and mitigate against, increasingly disruptive events - from natural disasters and Covid-19 outbreaks, to partner bankruptcy and bad practices.
Challenges with supply chain risk management
Lack of information on the majority of their customer and supplier base
No real time data on the financial performance of key customers
Manually managing partner base in Excel - no live monitoring tools
Supply chain disruption events like Covid-19 outbreaks are hitting their business hard
No access to investigative materials, to learn more about their risky partners
Supply chain data and information is very scattered making it hard to manage

How can Serai Visibility help?

Protect your supply chain through predictive insights and real-time alerts with Serai Visibility, powered by world class data providers. Be empowered to make better business decisions and minimise risk in your supply chain today.
Digitising your supply chain network, no more spreadsheets
Analyse the impact of disruptive events like natural disasters and Covid-19 on your supply chain.
Identify supply chain risk with real-time alerts and insights on your partners’ credit score and media presence
Visualise complex supply chain data through multiple views, all in one place
World class data providers provide the most updated information and insights
Real-time alerts whenever your business or supply chain is impacted
Using world class third party data sources, get actionable alerts that proactively identify supply chain risks that will impact your business or supply chain.
Explore your supply chain across multiple views and react quickly to global events
Minimise your supply chain risk by having a complete map view of global disruptions such as natural disasters and COVID-19. See which partners are impacted by such events and make better business decisions in real-time.
Deep insights into partners' performance and financial health
Visibility helps you understand the underlying risks in your supply chain. Analyse financial information on your partners in real time, get detailed risk scores and news stories on each of your partners using world class data providers.
Understand how Serai’s Supply Chain Visibility platform can help you mitigate your supply chain risks
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See the solution

Meaningful insights
A clear dashboard with a range of insights into your supply chain, global disruption and partner performance
Supply chain disruption
Visualisations and real-time alerts on natural disasters and Covid-19 outbreaks that impact your supply chain
Purchase and store reports
Access to a range of high-level and detailed third party reports, to help you dive deeper into specific partners
Supply chain risk alerts
Actionable alerts that proactively identify supply chain risk and highlight relevant news stories and media insights
Partner pages
Understand your supply chain with deep insights into partner performance, financial health
* We are continually improving our product to create better user experience for our customers, screens may vary from what is shown above.

Data driven insights

Risk Analysis
Financial analysis, detailed risk scores and news stories on each of your partners. Deep dive on more information on your partners via your Partner Overview page for further performance scores and risk alerts.
Third Party Reports
Access to a range of high-level and/or detailed third party reports, to help you dive deeper into specific partners. Have better conversations with your partners and make better business decisions on who to work with.
Alerts Feed
Toggle the different types of alerts that you want to monitor surrounding your supply chain such as natural disasters, financial health, news events and market risk incidents that will impact your supply chain.
News Feed
Access general and adverse news, specifically tagged to the partners in your supply chain. We have partnered with reliable news sources through APIs to deliver news faster to you as it happens.
Visibility is difficult - we want to make decisions in real-time and now we can
Sourcing Executive at a fast-growing apparel brand

How to get started

Set up
Upload a list of your supply chain partners and get ready to explore data driven impacts to your supply chain quickly.
We bring together scattered data sources under one platform in a single view using world class data provider through APIs.
Customise your dashboard and alerts that is important to you. Explore and manage your supply chain, receive notifications when there are changes in the data.

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