Risk Management is Expensive, Confusing and Time Consuming

It Doesn't Have to Be.

Get an expert view of your business partners financial health in just a few clicks with TrafficLight.

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Know your customers financial situation

To protect your business from late or non-payment on invoices, it is important to check your customers financial stability before you do business. Especially during COVID-19.

Of suppliers reported cancelled orders due to cash-flow problems

Of manufacturers saw existing order sizes shrink

Of businesses had to reduce worker hours to remain financially stable

TrafficLight uses Big Data to help you understand a company's financial health

Improve your business efficiency by quickly assessing the financial performance of your clients and prospective clients.

Easily assess your risk exposure and make more informed business decisions

Colour-coded TrafficLight empower you to negotiate payment terms with your clients. Trade with more confidence.

Euler Hermes is a global leader in trade credit insurance, surety and related risk services. With more than 125 years of expertise, their experts use technology-driven processes to generate insights, forecasts and present actionable information to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

Search and obtain Euler Hermes’ score about your partner’s payment risk profile within minutes, empowering you to trade with your partners with confidence. TrafficLight scores are being made available to Asia-based customers for the first time ever, and exclusively to Serai customers.

Each TrafficLight score costs USD25. Searching the database doesn't cost you anything. Payment is only required if you manage to find the company that you are looking for, and wish to view its TrafficLight score.

Here's how to get started

Launch TrafficLight, Login and Search for the company

Select the right company and purchase the TrafficLight

View their TrafficLight and assess the financial situation

Join Serai for free and create your company profile

Search, Find and Visit TrafficLight's profile

Click to Launch, Search for the Company, Pay & View

Frequently Asked Questions

How are companies assessed?
Can I search for a company anywhere in the world?
How accurate is the TrafficLight?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about TrafficLight

Euler Hermes and Serai have partnered to bring you TrafficLight. Get Euler Hermes’ expert credit opinion on the financial health of your trade partner today.

Learn more about Euler Hermes by visiting their website: eulerhermes.com
Protect your business from unexpected disruption
  • Get access to a global database of over 85 million companies
  • Data is updated in real-time by thousands of risk analysts around the world
  • TrafficLight are informed by payment information from tens of thousands of credit insurance customers

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