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Managing complex apparel supply chains has never been tougher. Today, brands are being bombarded with massive global disruptions, growing risk and uncertainty, rising input costs, shrinking sales cycles, increasing consumer scrutiny and regulatory compliance pressure.

Serai has partnered with QIMA – a leading provider of quality control and supply chain compliance solutions for global brands and retailers – to provide the agility, expertise, 
visibility and insights that apparel businesses need to successfully manage their supply 
network and product quality.

How QIMA can help you

Verify the quality of your apparel products.

Protect your customers and ensure your products meet the requirements of your destination market with comprehensive product inspections, laboratory testing and certification services.

Gain transparency, mitigate risk, 
and protect workers in your supply chain.

Receive an accurate picture of conditions at your supplier factories with QIMA’s audit services that independently assess compliance with key social, environmental and safety standards.

Achieve visibility over your supply chain

QIMA’s actionable data and insight tools support business decision making and drive continuous improvement in your network.

Product overview

Product quality and safety

Inspections and lab testing

Monitor product quality with inspections at any stage of the production process - a specialist apparel inspector can be onsite at your factory anywhere in the world within 48 hours with a report delivered the same day. QIMA's network of ISO 17025 accredited labs ensure product compliance and safety by carrying out performance and safety testing to international standards. QIMA's lab teams can also review packaging and labelling, evaluate product designs and provide QA consulting.

Download sample inspection and lab testing reports

Supplier Assurance

Factory audits

Manage risk in your apparel supply chain and ensure your factories comply with QIMA’s ethical, environmental, structural, manufacturing and security protocol standards, or other internationally-recognised auditing schemes such as SMETA, amfori BSCI, Higg Index, RJC and ICS. Provide workers with confidential reporting channels such as worker voice surveys or grievance hotlines, and work to improve suppliers beyond audits with targeted factory improvement programs, onsite training and e-learning.

Download sample ethical and technical audit reports

Digital solutions

QIMA dashboard and QIMAone

Monitor key metrics such as defect rates, failure causes, 
audit scores and workmanship issues, and benchmark your performance against others in the apparel industry with QIMA’s customisable dashboard. Further digitise your supply chain management with the QIMAone cloud-based inspection software which connects apparel brands with their supply network to monitor and improve product quality, increase supply chain visibility, and reduce operational inefficiencies.

Download Buyer's guide to choosing a quality and compliance platform

Who is QIMA?

Global laboratory network spanning Asia, Europe, North and South America with field experts in 85 countries.

Working with thousands of leading consumer products brands and retailers, with specialist expertise in apparel and textiles.

Member of key industry associations including the Sustainable Apparel 
Coalition and the American Apparel 
& Footwear Association.

Resources and insights

Fireside Chat: A deep-dive into the evolving world of Quality Assurance with QIMA

In this interview, Sebastien Breteau, the founder and CEO of QIMA, shares his views on quality assurance, technology and the future of the apparel industry.  Learn more about how COVID-19 has changed the landscape for traditional practices, and what the opportunities the future holds.

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Compliance risk: a guide for apparel companies of all sizes

Compliance is often thought about as something businesses have to do. But we see it as a good aspiration, as it helps shape a company’s reputation and can protect it from unwanted attention. Find out how compliance risk – also known as integrity risk, which describes its ethical dimension – is important  for the industry, and how companies like you can turn this into a strength.

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The Five Golden Rules to a Successful QC Outsourcing Programme

Learn more about the do's and don'ts of setting up a holistic quality control program throughout your supply chain and get key takeaways on how to manage communication with vendors, setting up the right targets and KPIs.


How to Avoid Mold in Your Garments

This white paper will provide insights into the risks of mold during production and shipping, the steps to take to minimise your products exposure to moisture, and the correct anti-mold products and quantities to use to ensure your products arrive ready for sale.


Tips for Avoiding Bug Infestations in Your Products

Gain insights into the causes of infestations during the major production stages and the risks these pose to your apparel products. This white paper provides practical steps to ensure that your suppliers are minimising the risk of outbreaks, as well as information on how to ensure that your products are shipped to their destination infestation-free.


Azo Dyes and the Risk to Retailers and Consumers

This whitepaper covers what azo dyes are, what products they are found in and why they are harmful to human health. It discusses the minimum requirements to ensure that your products are compliant with legislation as well as the reasons why you should protect your brand and the steps you can take to secure your supply chain.


Case studies & Reports

Improving Bulk Production Quality by Establishing a Supplier Improvement Program

Consistent monitoring of your suppliers’ quality management system is crucial for a brand that wishes to secure its product quality and avoid the extra costs and disruption caused by rework and recalls. Find out how QIMA helped a leading garment retailer establish a supplier improvement program to safeguard product quality and drive long-term improvement throughout the client’s global supply chain.

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Minimising Missed Inspections to Streamline a Quality Control Program

Quality control is instrumental for buyers to ensure product quality and protect your brand. This case study shows how QIMA helped an international sourcing business optimise their quality control costs by minimising missed inspections while ensuring production schedules are observed and safeguarding product quality.

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Q2 2021 Barometer on global supply chains' quality, compliance and trade trends

As Businesses Look To Leave ‘Crisis Mode’ Behind, Diversification Continues While Ethical Compliance and Quality Take a Hit

This barometer report, informed by internal QIMA data and the findings of a survey of 700+ businesses with international supply chains, looks at the supply chain highlights of Q1 2021 and the emerging trends that may influence the global sourcing landscape in the months to come.

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