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Deepak Lakhmani

Head of Business Development, India
  • With 20 years of experience in sourcing from India.
  • Sourcing manager for Sears & K- Mart. U.S.A earlier.
  • Have handled all apparel, home, textile, and accessories product category.

Arif Ullah

Head of Business Development, Bangladesh
  • Over 11 years of experience in sourcing from Bangladesh
  • Worked as sourcing manager at Sears & Kmart USA, Auchan & Carrefour
  • Expertise in sourcing apparel, home textile, house wear, footwear & socks from Bangladesh, India & Pakistan.

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I was truly impressed with Serai’s Private Sourcing Service. Their team of experts connected me with the most suitable manufacturers to guide me through selecting material and design based on my target price. Because of this, I was able to streamline the search to sampling process. Thank you Serai!

eCommerce Business Owner

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