B2B Network Premium

Serai B2B Network Premium enables you 
to get featured and increase your exposure to over 20,000 users in our community.

Get more leads

As a seller, the Premium plan allows you to increase your leads by featuring your profile and giving you actionable insights. In addition, you will have exclusive access to sell to buyers in live private sourcing events

Increase your profile views by 5x

Your profile will be placed at the top of search results. Profiles that are placed on top of search page on average receive 5 times more views than a typical profile.

Unlimited bids to buyer requests

Everyday our platform receive new requests from our network of 8,400+ buyers all over the world. Basic members can respond to three buyer requests per month while Premium members can enjoy unlimited bidding.

Exclusive access to private sourcing event

You will be exclusively invited to one private sourcing event where you will be in a live chat with selected buyers. Pitch your products and services directly for exclusive and accelerated sales.

Premium badge

As a premium user, you will have a Premium badge displayed on your profile and also next to your company name in search results. This gives more credibility to buyers looking at your profile and differentiate from other users.

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Unlimited connections

Unlimited searches

Unlimited messages

Basic users can send five messages to non-connections every 30 days

Featured profile

Profile will be placed on the Homepage and at the top of Search

Unlimited bids to buyer requests

Basic users can bid on three buyer requests every 30 days

Premium analytics

Receive data on platform insights and who is viewing your profile

Exclusive access to private sourcing events

Access to live chats with buyers with high minimum order quantity (MOQ)

Premium badge

Display a premium badge next to profile stand out
Recommendation lists
Receive list of suitable buyers to connect and message
USD 49

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