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At Serai, our aim is to help businesses connect and grow together, in a digital way. We acknowledge that this is only possible in a safe and transparent environment. That’s why we decided to partner with Coface, a global trade credit insurance company with over 70 years of experience.

To be able to trade and conduct business successfully, it’s vital for you to know and understand the financial situation of your (existing and potential) business partners. Together with Coface, we can help you assess your counterparty’s risk profile and therefore, the risk to your own business. Being aware of your customers’ creditworthiness can help you make informed decisions on who you want to trade with, and on what terms.

Who is Coface?

Coface is a leader in the field of trade credit insurance and risk management with over 4,300 experts that support ~50,000 clients across 200 countries to build successful and growing businesses.

They offer a range of risk prevention, monitoring and protection services to companies of all sizes and nationalities and in all sectors, and enable businesses to carry out their business activities more safely.

As a global trade credit insurance partner, Coface helps its customers to take wise credit decisions necessary to strengthen their ability to sell in their domestic and export markets.

How Coface can help you?

The credit reports and assessments from Coface are comprehensive and flexible tools that assist and support you in your credit risk management. You can:

  • Assess potential business partners and categorise clients based on their credit and payment history.
  • Evaluate the financial risk of your counterparty, and make informed business decisions on how much risk you are willing to bear or what actions you can take to mitigate that risk.
  • Get a one-time snapshot of your customers, or let Coface monitor them and inform you when their situation changes.
  • Choose from standard reports and assessments, or request for updated or customised reports where available.

Product overview

Credit opinions

Get an expert risk underwriter’s view on your credit decisions today. Monitoring your customers can be challenging, especially when they are located in a different country. But with Coface, it is really easy: local experts do the job for you. Updates on first signs of financial problems and other important changes support you in taking the right decisions well in advance.

Business reports

Non-payment risk prevention begins with gathering relevant and up-to-date information on buyers and their environment. Snapshot Reports provide basic business information data, while Full Reports offer comprehensive and extensive information allowing in-depth analysis of the credit risk of the company.

Debtor risk assessment

Get access to the most up-to-date insights into business insolvencies.  The Debtor Risk Assessment (or DRA) aims to measure the probability of a company defaulting on a payment over the next 12 months. The assessment is calculated using different indicators such as financial strength, profitability, solvency, environmental factors and management of the company.

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[1] Purchase one-off reports on your trading partners anywhere in the world or yourself and get a 10% discount.  Or if your trade partner is registered in Hong Kong, get an even bigger 55% discount. 

[2]  Subscribe to a USD500 package but get USD550 of points to utilise in return (10% additional value).  Subscribe to a package for USD1,000 and get USD1,150 worth of points in return (additional 15% value).