Release Notes: New & improved Search experience and key updates to Profiles

April 21, 2021

In our latest release, we’re excited to announce new developments to our Search engine to help users find their counterparties more efficiently. Key updates to Profiles allows sellers to add more information about their capabilities to stand out and get found more easily on Serai.

Search for business partners more efficiently

You can now Search based on intent; select whether you want to buy or sell through Serai, and type in the products and business partners you’re looking for. Filter your search results by location and business type if you already have a preferred partner in mind.

Search based on intent and Trending keywords

Trending keywords makes it easier to stay up to date on what businesses are looking for on Serai. Simply click any keyword to discover companies related to that phrase. Keywords are continually updated on a weekly basis to help you stay on top of new trends.

Learn more about businesses from the Search results page

Easily view when companies have last logged into Serai to ensure that you are engaging with the most active users.

Learn more from Search results

View a company’s products without even clicking into their profile! Directly on the search results page, users can compare and decide between several companies before visiting their profile to get all the details.

Understand at a glance a company’s capabilities to make informed decisions. Based on these capabilities, users will save time browsing through full profiles and be able to choose the right partner instantly.

Share more details about your production facilities on your profile

This new update allows users to input more specific information about their production lines, production capacity, lead time, factory size, and number of employees. Buyers may use this information to make more helpful comparisons when choosing the right partners for their business.

Reorder and resize images

Profile building has become easier with reordering and resizing of images. Reorder your images to make sure you’re highlighting the most recent products and information. Resizing images will ensure your profile and showcase sections are looking clean and tidy, so that buyers can easily learn about your company.

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