Release Notes: Find and Submit Quotations, Post Status Updates and More!

March 24, 2021

We are excited to introduce Quotations and Status Updates to the platform to help companies find, connect and engage with the right business partners online. Buyers are now able to submit quotation requests, making it easier for suppliers to spot and react to new business opportunities. 

Create quotations

Quotations help companies communicate their requirements in a clear and concise manner. Companies can input product information and more detailed information such as order quantity, payment terms, lead time, and preferred sourcing destinations.

Filter quotations

Users can filter quotations by sourcing destination, product type, and date posted so that they can find the right partners to satisfy their needs. New quotations are submitted every day and updated in real-time.

Grow your business exposure

All quotations submitted on Serai will appear on the quotations page for all members to see. This helps buyers to get approached by the right suppliers on Serai and ensures that suppliers can easily identify the right brands to work with. Learn more about using the Quotations feature.

Find or Submit a Quotation

Post status updates on your profile

All companies have different needs and it can be difficult to find and approach the right prospects online. The new profile updates help companies better understand which partners to work with based on what they’re actively looking for. 

Stay updated with your connections

When you post a new status update to your profile, all your connections can see these updates on the Home page. This helps your network connections to easily stay up to date with your business and any new offerings.

Share what you’re actively looking for

With this latest release, you can also post updates to your Serai profile that include the products you are interested in as well as the type of businesses (e.g. manufacturers, brands, and more) you want to connect and engage with. 

Update your profile now