Release Notes: Business Types, Public Profiles and More!

June 4, 2020

Release Notes highlights all the recent updates to Serai so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

Share your profile with anyone outside of Serai

Managing your digital presence and keeping your company information up to date is becoming increasingly important in a post-Covid world. This latest release helps you do just that. Now you can easily share your Serai profile with all of your partners including those outside Serai.

Get started with your public profile:

  • Update your profile with your latest company information
  • Click “Share” to generate a link for your company profile
  • Share this link to anyone interested in learning more about your company

Choose your business type and get found more easily

Up until now, it was difficult to easily find and identify the different types of businesses on Serai. With this update, you can now add the business type that best describes the nature of your business. Whether you are a manufacturer, brand or sourcing agent, highlight it on your profile so potential business partners can find you. Adding your business type increases your searchability and ranking.

To add your business type:

  • Log in and navigate to your profile
  • Complete the “Business Type” section highlighted in blue

Search with specific keyword tags

To enhance the search experience, you can now add specific keyword tags for the products, services or businesses you wish to connect with. You can either search by selecting tags from a predefined list or simply add your own.

Pro tip: add keyword tags that describe your business, products and services to your profile if you want to be discovered on Serai more frequently.

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