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May 18, 2020
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There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has shown how fragile the apparel industry is to demand uncertainties. From established retailers to local factories, disruption has been felt at all levels and exposed the vulnerabilities of an already-fragile global supply chain. According to McKinsey, the fashion industry is only at the beginning of its struggle.

As the unprecedented reality of near-zero revenue settles in for many businesses, some have seized the opportunity to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies to support the fight against COVID-19. But altering production, finding new partners and re-building supply chains in this disruption just isn’t the same as it used to be. No longer can we rely on the physical interactions we have come to depend on to find new opportunities - we must now change our habits and move to digital channels across the entire supply chain if we want to succeed. Companies must now convey their capabilities and credentials in a trusted, efficient and digital way. This is more than just marketing, this will form the basis of all new relationships as we enter into the ‘new-normal’.

To help companies with this transformation, we’ve built a powerful new suite of features to help you create opportunities amidst the disruption. Now you can highlight your business capabilities and showcase what you’re actively looking for to help you find partners to diversify and grow your network. You can also now add tags to highlight your products and services, which allow you to be discovered in search results more frequently.

Put the spotlight on your products, services and unique business capabilities

In response to the demand uncertainties, many businesses have now refocused their efforts to produce PPE and medical supplies. The new Capabilities section on your profile is designed to give you more flexibility in how you choose to showcase your business and the products and services that you offer.

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In Capabilities, you can add keywords to tag your products and services so that other companies can easily see what you offer. You can also describe any technical capabilities in further detail to help put the spotlight on your new competencies.

On your profile you will see a new section called 'Our capabilities'. Simply click the edit pen icon to start adding your capabilities. If you get stuck, you can always check out the useful guides in our Help Centre.

Highlight the type of business, product or service you are looking for

We’re also introducing another section to your profile called “Looking For”. This lets you add keywords to tag the type of business, product or service you are looking for so that potential partners can reach out to you with focus.

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On your next login, navigate to your profile and click the pen icon in the “Looking For” section. Add in what you need, sit back and let other businesses reach out to you with purpose. Learn more here.

Be the disruptor. Not the disrupted.

If you already have a business profile on Serai, you can experience these new improvements starting from today.

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