Introducing Serai Solutions and Exclusive Buyer Requests

February 2, 2021

Launch of solutions page

Serai has partnered with industry leaders to bring solutions to help you assess the financial health and repayment risk of your trade partners and 3D software solutions. 

You can now find and access exclusive services and solutions to meet your business needs by accessing the solution page via Serai's navigation button.

Serai has partnered with a number of industry leaders to offer business solutions on the platform. Assess the financial health and repayment risk of your trade partners with the different products from our risk partners, or upgrade your digital transformation journey with the 3D software solutions from Browzwear. You can access these exclusive services at all times on our new solutions page.

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Buyer Requests for selected suppliers.

Serai is welcoming new buyers and suppliers every day. Since last week, buyers can submit RFQs. These buyer requests are gathered on a page that is exclusively visible for selected suppliers.

Suppliers can contact the Serai team for early access to the RFQ page. We also encourage Buyers to submit their requests. 

More ways to search and connect on Serai.

At Serai, we want to connect apparel buyers, suppliers and manufacturers digitally, to build trusted relationships with simple information sharing. We introduced buyer profiles to help buyers showcase their business on Serai, while allowing potential sellers to reach out and connect with them.

To enhance your experience on the platform, we’ve made our search and connection functions more robust. You can now search companies by location, business type and degree of connection; and connect with and message to potential business partners, no matter if they are brands, sourcing agents, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc.

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