A cross-border payments solution that saves you transaction fees

September 7, 2021

Global apparel sourcing is a complex business. Buyers and suppliers often trade internationally making cross-border payments a necessity. These international transactions pose a set of challenges including high risks, high costs (transaction fees, applied FX conversion rates and fees, and account fees)  and slow processing times between buyers and sellers. 

This is why we’re introducing Serai Powered by Airwallex -  a new and efficient way to streamline trade and complete transactions. Cross-border payments can be sent and received with the efficiency, speed and security of a domestic payment. With no sign up fees, you can send payments to 130 countries in over 26 currencies while saving up to 90% on FX and international transaction fees compared to banks. Buyers and sellers can leverage this payments solution to explore and expand with new business opportunities anywhere in the world. 

Access Serai Powered by Airwallex through Solutions

Buyers can easily pay their trade counterparts online by going into Solutions and selecting Serai Powered by Airwallex under Trade Solutions.

Sign up for free

Register for an Airwallex account for free! You can access the page by selecting Get started for free and then providing a few details.

Add your funds

To complete your Airwallex account set up, upload funds in your domestic currency or add an international currency into your account. 

Make local or global payments

With your Airwallex account set up, you can now start sending money. Payments can be made to over 120 countries in 31 currencies to maximise opportunities and grow your business.

Complete and review your payment

In just a few simple steps, senders can receive payments as soon as the same day

Serai Powered by Airwallex brings buyers and sellers end-to-end efficiency with smooth and simple online payments. Currently available to buyers located in the US, UK, Australia and Hong Kong making payments to sellers worldwide  If you’re looking to streamline your trading and sales cycle, sign up to Serai to join Airwallex today. 

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