Introducing Quotations: Find and engage with the right business partners

March 24, 2021

Finding the right business partner online can be challenging. Buyers are not able to easily explain their requirements in a clear and concise way, and suppliers struggle to find buyers that are actively looking for their products and services. The apparel industry lacks a simple way for companies to share what they're looking for, access critical business information and negotiate with prospective partners all in one place.

That's why we're excited to introduce Quotations - the easiest way to find and engage with the right partners for your business. Buyers can more easily connect with the right production partners, and suppliers can understand which buyers to work with, and on what terms.

Submit quotation requests and let the right suppliers come to you

Quotations help companies communicate their requirements in a clear and concise manner. Companies can not only input product information, but also more detailed information such as order quantity, payment terms, lead time, and preferred sourcing destinations.

Click here to submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Once the RFQ has been submitted, it will be posted on the quotations page so that suppliers can find and respond to the requests. Once a supplier responds, you will be notified via email and a conversation will be initiated. To help you decide who to work with and on what terms, Serai offers valuable access to risk management and credit assessment tools. Find out more here.

Respond to quotation requests from buyers

All quotations submitted on Serai are available for all members to see unless you specifically choose to keep your company confidential. This makes it easier for suppliers with excess capacity to find the right buyers through Serai.

Click here to see all Quotations

In addition to Quotations, we've made it easier to understand the products and services that other businesses are actively looking for. Read the full release notes to learn about all the other updates included in this release. 

Filter quotations depending on your needs

Suppliers can filter quotations by sourcing destination, product type, and date posted so that they can find the best partners to suit their services.

Instantly engage buyers

When a supplier decides to respond to a quotation request, they can instantly reach out to start a conversation with a buyer. Rather than a typical enquiry, this allows suppliers to speak to active buyers, who are interested in placing an order right now. 

Manage your quotations

Lastly, you can manage your quotations and communications all in one place. Buyers can view each response to a quotation, and suppliers can keep tabs on the messages they have sent. 

To learn more about RFQ and other new features on Serai, read the full release notes here.

If you're looking for an efficient way to connect with buyers and suppliers in the apparel industry, companies can join Serai for free. Click here to join.