Introducing Messages - instantly get in touch with companies on Serai.

January 16, 2020

January 16, 2020

Introducing Messages - instantly get in touch with companies on Serai.



Start messaging companies on Serai to explore new opportunities, build new relationships and expand your network.

What can you do with messages?

Start a conversation with any company, even if you’re not connected with them.

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We understand that finding new business partners online is hard, and getting in contact with them can be even harder. On Serai, you can search for companies based on your needs, find trusted companies and get in touch by messaging them. Having all the information in one place for you and your team to manage will streamline your sourcing process and allow for a new way to engage with your supply network digitally.

Bring all your communication together in one place.

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We know that it’s challenging to manage email conversations when your inbox often piles up with irrelevant emails. That’s why Messages on Serai lets you manage all your communication with business partners in one place. This means that conversations are easier to follow for your whole team, making it easier for anyone to pick up the conversation at any point in time.

Build relationships with companies and not just individuals.

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With Messages, you can work as closely with your business partners as you do with your teams. Instead of one individual from your team holding the relationship with another company, your whole team can join in the conversation to build a proper business-to-business relationship. This can prevent back-and-forth communication within your teams, allowing you to be more productive and achieve next-level efficiency.

Quick Guide to Messaging on Serai

How can I send a message?

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To Existing ConnectionsIf the company is within your network, you will see the Message button directly on their company profile

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To Future ConnectionsIf the company is outside your network, you can find the Message button in the drop-down menu (beside the Connect button)

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Current ConversationsIf you’ve already started a conversation with a company, you can click Messages in your Navigation Bar to see all your messages.

Once you’ve written your message, click the Send button to deliver it to the recipient.

Who can send a message?

All team members with the Admin and Editor role type in your company can start a conversation with another company and reply to new messages and conversations.

Unfortunately, team members with the User role type are not able to read and send any messages. You can ask for the role and permission change if messaging is needed for your job function.

How do I know if I have unread messages?

A numbered badge will appear next to the message icon in your navigation bar if you have any unread messages. New messages will appear bolded, indicating that you have not opened them. You will also receive an email notification if you have any unread messages.


How do I know who is in the conversation?

In your Message inbox, each thread will show up with the company name and all the participants’ names. In the conversation, each participants’ name and job function is clearly displayed so you know who sends every message.

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