Demonstrate your credibility by showcasing your business relationships on Serai

March 3, 2020

Whether you’re looking to build strategic long-term partnerships or to simply fill capacity, building trust in your B2B relationships is the key to success. But many companies lack the right information and tools to prove that they can be trusted.

To help you demonstrate your credibility and build more trust in your relationships, we are introducing a new set of relationship types and visibility settings on Serai so you can showcase the brands, manufacturers and suppliers you already work with.  

Put your company in the spotlight, be found by companies that want to work with you, and create new opportunities for your business with the new relationship types and visibility settings on Serai.

Demonstrate your company’s credibility with Relationship Types

As part of this update, we’ve enhanced our relationship types to Affiliation, Connection, Working Together and Membership.

Now, when you connect with companies on Serai you can choose the type of relationship you’d like to have with them:

  • Affiliation: This is a company who is part of your group. They can be a subsidiary, joint venture, affiliate, sister or parent company.
  • Working together: This is a company who you are actively working with - you are either buying from them or selling to them.
  • Connection: This is a company who you are interested in working with, you know from being part of the same industry or you may have worked together in the past
  • Membership: This is an industry group, association or governmental body which you are a member of

With these new relationship types, you can showcase the different relationships that make up your supply chain and get insights into the networks of others on Serai. Not only do these help you build trust in other companies by understanding who they do business with, but it also helps your business stand out from the crowd if you have a relationship with a well-regarded organisation. The more relationships you have, the more profiles and search results your company appears in. Stand out from the crowd and prove your company can be trusted. Learn how to invite your business partners to join Serai.


Choosing your relationship type is simple. You can either select the relationship type when sending a connection request or change your existing relationship types in your profile settings. Learn how to set relationship types on Serai.

You can also select more than one relationship type to represent the type of relationship you might have. For example, if you are a subsidiary of a larger company but also supply to them, you can select Affiliation and Working Together. Learn more about managing your network connections.

Customise what relationships other companies can see with Visibility Settings

The improvements you can make to your network don’t just end with relationship types. Showing the relationships you have with other companies is a great way to boost your credibility and make better decisions on potential partners, but what if you have a relationship that you’d like to keep private? That's why we’ve added in new visibility settings, to help you control which relationships you’d like to either show to others on Serai or keep private:

  • Serai members: anyone on Serai can see the relationship type you have with another company. This will help build your credibility and trustworthiness the most if every company can see your relationships.
  • Your network: anyone you’re currently connected with can see the relationship you have with another company. This can further strengthen your trustworthiness in your existing network.
  • Private: only your team members can see the relationship you have with another company. Using this setting will make your relationship hidden to other companies on Serai, which will make it difficult to demonstrate your credibility.

We understand that not all companies want to expose their relationships. However, with increasing pressure from consumers on supply chain transparency, more and more companies in the clothing and garments industry are becoming more transparent and open. According to this report by McKinsey, radical transparency can help win the trust of your consumers. Learn how to change your visibility settings to make your supply chain more transparent.

If you already have a profile for your company on Serai, you can visit our Help Centre to read more about relationship visibility settings. If you’d like to join Serai to drive more value from your supply chain, you can request an invitation here.

Invite and connect with your supply chains to gain a clear view of your business network

If you already have a profile for your company on Serai, you can experience these new features starting from today. Check out this guide which teaches you exactly how to change your relationship types and visibility settings.

If you don’t have any network connections yet on Serai, you can get started by inviting your supply chains to join your network.

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Registered companies on Serai can grow their business network, find new opportunities and release their business potential. The good news is that your company can too.

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