An enhanced Marketplace to manage conversations and orders all in one place

Introducing our latest features that make it easier for you to reach more buyers, manage orders and drive sales. 

Upload products from your profile

From ready-made garments and fabrics to customisable apparel, selling on Marketplace is now quick and easy. Upload products onto your profile or slide the toggle to Sell on Marketplace. Complete the form and include as much details as possible so that buyers have all the information they need to before they buy from you. 

Here are some quick tips on creating an attractive listing to help you sell easier: 

  • Upload up to 10 high resolution product images with a plain background.
  • Include close-ups of details such as fabric, buttons, stitching, and lining.
  • Capture different angles: front, back, and side views. 
  • Your first image and title are the first things buyers will see. Make sure they are clear and represent your product well. 

Streamline sales with built-in order management

Manage all customer conversations and orders with a system that is clear, consistent and structured. When buyers are interested in your product, you’ll receive an enquiry or offer in your Messages.Communicating through the order form ensures all necessary information, including supporting documents is shared, stored and able to be accessed at every step of the journey.  Capture, track and fulfil orders with the ability to upload and view supporting documentation all in one place. 

Our latest updates streamline the Marketplace journey from start to end. Explore Marketplace today to buy and sell products seamlessly and efficiently. 

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