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For manufacturers and suppliers

in the garments industry

Put your products, services and specialities in the spotlight, 24/7 365 days a year

  • Showcase your business, awards and certifications
  • Discover new buyers and instantly reach out to them
  • Stay up to date with your network and trending news
  • Get found by up and coming brands and retailers
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For buyers, retailers and brands

in the garments industry

Find, connect and engage with trusted manufacturers and suppliers

  • Search, find and connect with new suppliers
  • Build trust through your mutual relationships
  • Explore digital showrooms
  • Screen potential partners based on your own criteria
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For buyers, retailers and brands

Discover new business partners, expand your B2B network

Simplify your sourcing

Find, connect and engage with trusted manufacturers, suppliers and vendors

  • Search for suppliers that meet your specific needs
  • View all the company information through one profile
  • Instantly send a message to start a conversation
  • Get notified when suppliers respond to your requests

Expand your supplier network

Build and manage a reliable network of buyers, suppliers and business partners

  • Send connection requests and build trusted relationships
  • Find reliable business partners through mutual connections
  • Easily manage your network with different connection types
  • Control your network’s transparency with visibility settings

Make smarter decisions

Stay up to date with the apparel industry and get regular insights

  • Get access to industry news and content from thought leaders
  • Stay up to date with the industry and get monthly curated newsletters
  • Receive insights on your profile and monitor trending searches

Say goodbye to trust issues. Join Serai to search our reliable supplier base and build your trusted business network online.

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For manufacturers and suppliers

Showcase your capabilities and get found by buyers

Showcase your business

Create a free online profile for your apparel business in minutes

  • Engage potential partners with photos and videos of your business, products and factories
  • Build trust instantly by highlighting your company awards, certifications, sustainability and compliance efforts
  • Demonstrate expertise by showcasing your current customers
  • Share your profile with anyone outside of Serai and easily update your profile as your business changes and grows

Be discovered by buyers online

Easily get found on the internet and grow your international business opportunities

  • View your profile strength and optimise your profile based on what people are actively searching for
  • Connect with boutique and sustainable brands to build long term relationships
  • Grow your industry network and receive more referrals

Be part of a global network

Grow your business connections and get the latest industry news and insights

  • Get access to industry news and content from thought leaders
  • Read the latest industry news and get access to exclusive content from thought leaders
  • Get notified of new business opportunities and receive monthly curated newsletters

No more struggling to be found by buyers. Join Serai to showcase your capabilities and get found by buyers online

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Why we exist

Global trade is complex, fragmented and ripe for disruption…

We understand that navigating new markets is a pain point for every business. Backed by HSBC’s 150 years in trade, our purpose is to simplify the way businesses build relationships to help them overcome the complexities of international trade.

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