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Your new sourcing destination, Bangladesh

A real-time interactive event that allows buyers and sellers to meet online

2 - 4 February, 2021

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Sourcing trusted suppliers in Bangladesh

Discover and source from the best suppliers in Bangladesh. This virtual event will feature some of the most reputable suppliers who will present the latest technology and products to buyers who are ready to do business. If you are interested in sourcing from Bangladesh, this is your opportunity to find out everything you need to know.

As a market untapped by digitalisation, Serai has been working with over 500 Bangladeshi manufacturers to build their digital presence on our platform, and allow them to showcase their latest offering to a global audience. Those who are looking to Bangladesh as a sourcing destination, may find themselves one step closer to this promising market.

Why attend

Discover first-hand new technologies and products in the fashion and manufacturing for apparel, textiles, accessories and more.

Meet & connect with the best and most trusted manufacturers and suppliers in Bangladesh.

Improve your business offering by sourcing new products and assessing suppliers.

Who should attend?

Buyers that want to ...

Learn about the garment and textile manufacturing industry in Bangladesh

Discover and explore new potential sourcing partners in the region, and expand their network

Get information and insights on how to improve their due diligence process

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