How to scale your leather business with Serai

July 14, 2021

On 14 Jul, Serai co-hosted a webinar with Council of Leather Exports (CLE) in India to discuss how the Indian leather industry has evolved since the pandemic and what the digital future looks like.

The webinar was joined by: 

P.R. Aqeel Ahmed, Immediate Past Chairman, Council for Leather Exports;

R.K. Jalan, Vice Chairman for Council for Leather Exports;

Sanjay Leekha, Chairman for Council for Leather Exports;

Vivek Ramachandran, CEO of Serai; 

R. Selvam, IAS, Executive Director, Council for Leather Exports.

Vivek Ramachandran shared insights into how suppliers should embrace the trends in global trading:

Embracing new trading patterns:The market competition remains tense, so taking smaller orders, entering new markets, targeting new buyers are keys to stay ahead in the trading arena. 

Embracing buyer selection process:It is expected that not only suppliers but also buyers will experience difficulties or even disruptions in their business, so a thoughtful buyer selection process is essential. A credible platform could be a useful tool to facilitate the selection.

Embracing the use of data: Although there is a wealth of data in the leather, apparel and footwear industries, industry players are yet to make use of the data to their advantage. Leveraging this data well will become a differentiator in the digital arena.

“Digital, digital, digital, digital is going to be our future.” - Aqeel Ahmed

The pandemic has changed the way people shop. It’s not only happening in the B2C sector, but in B2B too. Even for the leather industry, where buyers are used to touch and feel the samples and products, are now transitioning to digital sample approval processes. Hence sellers are set to embrace the digital transformation in order to go after new orders and get repeated orders. 

Digital tools are used throughout the trading journey. In addition to how buyers and sellers communicate with each other during the production and delivery stages, sourcing has gone digital too. With platforms like Serai, sellers are able to get connected with new buyers and receive quotation requests from the global buyer pool. If you haven’t experienced Serai‘s global buyer and seller network, and technology empowered platform, sign up today, let’s embrace the digital future together!