Building transparency and sustainability into apparel supply chains

November 18, 2021

Apparel industry is facing demands to transform their supply chains from regulators, consumers and their peers, to be more transparent and sustainable. It is not an easy task, it requires not only retailers but also manufacturers to address the issues and take the steps forward together. At this joint webinar by HSBC UK and Serai, we were joined by industry experts from ASOS and Ciel Textile Group as we addressed the current landscape and explored the best way to co-create a transparent value-chain along apparel production journey, including:

  • What retailers like ASOS are doing to collaborate with their partners and suppliers in achieving sustainable goals? Why being transparent internally and publicly is essential?
  • How does being sustainable and being transparent help suppliers like Ciel Textile Group in winning businesses?
  • Should retailers and manufacturers be reactive to incoming regulations and compliance requirements or be proactive to establish their own sustainability strategy?
  • How can late-comers in the industry catch up with the early-embracers of sustainability by leveraging available solutions?

Listen to what ASOS and Ciel Textile Group shared with our on-demand recoding. You may also download an e-copy of our latest industry report "Moving the Needle: Threading a Sustainable Future" to understand better how the apparel industry is moving towards a common sustainable future together.