How Lever Style built trust through supply chain transparency


Sustainability has been an often-used buzzword this year, especially for the fashion industry. The industry is estimated to be responsible for about 10% of global carbon emissions according to the United Nations. COP26 saw large global apparel companies making public pledges towards reducing their carbon emissions.

One organisation that is walking the talk is Lever Style, a global company that offers a wide range of services for apparel design, development and manufacturing. Their clients include some of the world’s largest apparel brands and retailers such as Stitch Fix, Rag & Bone, Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, Theory, Fila and many more.

The challenge

With such diverse international clientele, they naturally pride themselves on quality. At the same time, it was important that they had full transparency into their customer and supplier base. With over 70 manufacturing and supplier relationships spanning Asia, and clients worldwide, this was not an easy task for them to manage on their own.

They were manually managing their partner base through various ERP, PLM systems and Microsoft Excel. Not only was this time-consuming, it was difficult to consolidate information across various departments. With over 350 employees, this manual process wasn’t an efficient way to keep on top of their supply chain data.  

Moreover, with more brands needing to prove the origins of their products, Lever Style wanted to stay ahead of the curve and provide this transparency to the brands they supply to.

The solution

Lever Style and Serai have had a strong partnership from 2019, when Serai launched its B2B platform aimed at simplifying global trade for apparel.
At that time, Lever Style was using the platform to build new relationships with suppliers, manufacturers and brands. This partnership has evolved and grew over the years to include Lever Style leveraging Serai’s supply chain solutions.

Visibility dashboard

Lever Style signed on to use Serai’s Visibility solution in August 2021 and added the Traceability solution in September. They started with tracking a mixture of Asian suppliers and some American brands. After a month, they added the majority of their US, UK, Australia and European customer base, primarily brands and retailers, for tracking.

Serai’s Visibility

Serai’s Visibility helps businesses learn about their supply chain partners, understand underlying risks and stay up to date with any changes in their supply chain through powerful visualisations.

Serai’s Traceability

Serai’s Traceability helps them trace their products to raw materials. Businesses can set up their own private network for their extended supply chain and consolidate fragmented supply chain data.

The results

Through using Serai’s Visibility solution, Lever Style could find out their partners’ financial performance, business size, ESG scores and risk grading. This includes alerts around bankruptcy or other legal activities that their supply chain partners are going through. They also get real time risk alerts - a feature that has been invaluable in helping them make quick decisions to avoid disruptions in their supply chain.

With transparency being a focus, knowing the ESG scores of their partners means that they can confidently tell brands that they have a sustainable supply chain. At the same time, being able to trace the cotton used in the garments they produce for their clients and show proof of this goes a long way in helping Lever Style build collaborative and trusted relationships.

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