Serai Spotlight with Barry O'Byrne

November 9, 2021

In this Serai Spotlight, we are honoured to have Barry O'Byrne, Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Global Commercial Bank, and Vivek Ramachandran, CEO of Serai, to discuss how Serai can help global businesses address today’s challenges, from digitalising trade network to building resilient supply chains. An edited transcript follows.

Vivek: Serai from our first equity injections just over two and a half years ago. What would you define success for us?

Barry: We know from all of the research we've done, the customers, you know, from SMEs through to large corporates, they're incredibly focused on growth. They're incredibly focused on international growth, but they still find it hard to do business, which, companies have been around for forever. But but they find it hard to do business. They find it hard to deal with some of the challenges that Serai is addressing.

If we can solve pain points for customers, if we can help them grow, make life easier for them as they trade, then I think you're going to see numbers grow, numbers of customers grow. I think you're going to see usage grow. You're going to see repeat usage grow and all of the traditional financial measures maybe you'd expect me to have answered with, they'll follow, right? They'll follow. I'm very confident they're going to come. But I think, you know, what we've got to stay incredibly focused on as a platform is being relevant to customers.

And I think, just bearing in mind that, for as long as we're addressing pain points and making it easier for companies. We are relevant. And companies will tell more companies that age old adage that network effect is incredibly powerful.

I think sustainability has gone from being a an agenda item and an important one for companies to being the number one priority for companies.

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