How BAYLA is shaping the future of Bangladesh apparel

May 18, 2021

In this fireside chat, Abrar H Sayem, the president of the Bangladesh Apparel Youth Leaders Association (BAYLA), joins us to discuss how the youth generation of leaders in Bangladesh are shaping the future of the industry. An edited transcript follows.

We started officially this year. It’s Bangladesh Apparel Youth Leaders Association. But we have been working on it for more than a year. I call it an initiative of bringing all the youth leaders and the second generation and successors of this R&D industry together. 

We are extensively researching on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and analyses of our industry. And from there we plan to pick the opportunities and weaknesses so that we can address with solutions and come up with concrete plans and ideas on how we can execute it and we will be sharing it with the other associations and also to manufacturers and customers.

Many factories are not being able to right now market to the right customer. And also, they're not being able to get the right price. So this is an issue that we need to address and find a way in which factories can get their costs down, increase their efficiency which will ultimately lead to the cost down. And also, get to new markets so that they can explore more fair prices.

We need the youth who is coming into the industry want to sustain it, want to take it forward. The strategies that have worked for our past leaders or the senior leaders, are not necessarily will be the same strategy that will be working for us because the dynamics has changed. That's why I feel like the youths, if they can prepare well in context, then only this industry can sustain because they'll be the one leading mission.

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