The power of sustainable finance with Kelly Fisher

April 1, 2021

In this episode of Serai Spotlight, we talked with Kelly Fisher, the Head of Corporate Sustainability of HSBC US, about what companies can do to improve their own sustainability efforts. What is sustainable finance? How can sustainable finance contribute to innovation in the apparel space? An edited transcript follows.

I'm the Head of Corporate Sustainability at HSBC for the bank in the US. In the past couple of years, my role has also increasingly started to include sustainable finance, which is really a new area for all banks.

HSBC was already a leader in it. And my role there is to really try to inspire our bankers to do more in sustainable finance. Well, there's probably a lot we could do, because if we only wait for businesses to see the business value in something, sometimes it will be delayed.

So we do things like invest in the Apparel Impact Institute, or we are the only bank that's members of the Sustainability Consortium, which is another incredible organization that covers consumer goods. The apparel industry actually has, even though they have a large footprint when it comes to climate change, they have solutions already in place that some other industries are still struggling to put in place. But there's a huge role for technology to play.

And in the apparel space, I think any time technology can help you trace your supply chain, track your suppliers, know where your goods are coming from, where they are at any given moment is incredibly impactful.

Serai is exactly what apparel companies need to know their supply chains more intimately, know their suppliers more intimately. And I think that's what it's going to take. It's going to take everyone from your average individual figuring out what they can do differently at home to massive corporations. Finding solutions, being innovative, being willing to partner because there is no competition in the race to solve climate change. We actually all have to partner together. You know, there's that old adage of what gets measured, gets done. What I realized is what gets financed gets done. So every company, every individual needs to be doing something because it's that sense of urgency.