How standardised data helps drive sustainability for apparel - with Amina Razvi from SAC

July 13, 2021

This week, we interviewed Amina Razvi, the Executive Director of Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), to learn how standardised data helps brands understand the social and environmental performance along the value chain, and make informed decisions to drive positive impact throughout the apparel industry.

We need to standardise sustainability performance so that we can go deeper into the value chain by leveraging credible data and technology.

Key takeaways from the chat:

  • Consumers, stakeholders, and government demand increasing responsibilities from companies. As a result, transparent communication has become important.

  • There's no shortage of solutions, but a lack of standardised tools to drive collective actions.
  • Sharing sustainability performance with customers allows manufacturers to focus on making cost savings improvements, and benefit from valuable networking opportunities.
  • The collaborative spirit of the community and the passion of young leaders are what the industry need to continue making the kind of change that leads us to a more sustainable future.

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