Customer stories: Building strong profiles alongside our valued clients

December 11, 2020

This autumn, Serai assisted six leading apparel companies in building a strong and comprehensive profile to showcase all aspects of their businesses. We worked closely with each company in gathering images and videos, and uploading them to the different sections of their profile. These profiles are some of the strongest on the platform, and act as a great example to new companies on what to aim for. In this article they share their views on Serai and how they use the platform to enhance their business practices.

Check out their profiles:

What do you think makes Serai different from other platforms?

Determinant: Serai presents a great opportunity for us to connect with other businesses through a trusted B2B network, especially with its current focus on apparel companies. Building trust is essential to any business partnership, and Serai digitalises trust by providing a platform where we can show verified connections with our business partners. We also use this platform to demonstrate our affiliation with the Esquel Group to show that though we are a new brand, we have the backing of an established vertically-integrated textile and apparel manufacturer. 

DETERMINANT's Network section on Serai

Epic: Among other reasons, we chose Serai because of the future growth potential and the new add-on features such as Browzwear 3D, Partner’s credit risk scores, etc. Epic group understands the growing importance of digital presence. The apparel industry has been at the trailing end of adapting to digitalisation and is currently experiencing a paradigm shift in digital transformation, which Serai can be useful in fostering. 

Lever Style: The flexibility is what sets Serai apart from other platforms. Serai listens to its users, adapts quickly, and is constantly improving the platform. 

Norlanka: Being powered by HSBC the networking connections that Serai offers are of strategic importance. The leadership also understands the apparel industry and its challenges.


Yvonne: We were introduced to Serai by our partners, and use Serai for promotion. The design is clear and easy to read for buyers, so they can immediately have a brief idea of our company background and potential.

What problems in the industry do you have that Serai has helped you to solve?

Determinant: Access is always a problem for startups, and in the early stages personal relationships are usually required to strike up a business partnership. Serai helps to level the playing field for start-ups like us with an open, public space that shows all our affiliations, awards and certifications in a single glance. By freely providing businesses with information about our trustworthiness, Serai reduces the costs of gaining exposure and making connections.

Epic: Serai has helped us to establish a global digital presence and gave us the ability to easily connect with brands and manufacturers. We are also able to showcase our brand in a much summarized and to-point manner.

Lever Style: Because of Covid-19 we are not able to travel and meet potential business partners face to face. Under these circumstances, the platform turned out to be very useful as we can reach out to different people in the industry without the need of leaving one’s country.

Norlanka: Understanding the gaps and assisting to connect with digital solutions that would create value for us strategically.

Yvonne: The amount of buyers is increasing and we would have the chance to meet more new buyers from Serai in the future.

What does Serai bring that a typical website showcase cannot?

Determinant: DETERMINANT is both a B2B and a B2C business. Our website is designed to address our retail customers, but through Serai we want to focus more on showing the viability of our brand for business partnerships.

Epic: Serai profile is more summarized and to-the-point, covering all the essential details for a partner, manufacturer, brand to give a fundamental understanding of our company.

Lever Style: Our profile can be seen as a website in a nutshell. 

Lever Style's Capabilities and Company Highlights profile section on Serai

Norlanka: The ability to connect with potential new business partners and strengthen relationships with existing partners.

Yvonne: Serai design is clear and easy to use for buyers.

What section of Serai do you find most valuable? 

Determinant: The search function. By helping us to specifically hone in on business profiles that we are interested in, we find it so much easier to discover new potential partnerships (and be discovered!). In general, we find networking and building trusted connections on Serai a convenient and engaging process.

Epic: Each section of serai has its importance

Lever Style: The ‘company highlights’ as it’s the first and main section which provides the most valuable information about the enterprise.  

Norlanka: Networking and connection via invitation. Also the connectivity between digital solution providers.

Yvonne: “Company Information”, "Minimum Order” under Overview and “Products” are most valuable for us.

Yvonne's Overview profile section on Serai

What are you most excited to share on Serai?

Determinant: Serai is a relative newcomer to the networking landscape, but we expect it to continue to grow as more and more businesses see value in the platform. Forging business partnerships can be difficult, so integrating digital networking solutions as useful as Serai helps and benefits all parties. We look forward to seeing the number of business profiles grow, increasing the interconnectedness of the platform and creating additional functionalities to the platform.

Epic: It’s a beginning. As more trading partners get on the platform, the better it becomes. It has already helped to fill the big digital presence gap for RMG manufacturers. Particularly those operating through single manufacturing facilities in a developing country. For a company like us, it allows us to showcase our service offerings, 3D product tours, financial capabilities, ESG strengths as well to find out more suppliers & manufacturing partners.

Epic Group's virtual showroom on Serai

Leverstyle: It’s great to have a platform which is designated to connect various organizations within the fashion industry. The more parties join the platform, the easier and faster it will be to connect.

Norlanka: Can be a potential network place / trading platform across the globe.

Yvonne: It will be good for Serai to arrange the “online-exhibiton” or “personal 1:1 meeting between buyers and suppliers” in the future.

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our customer’s experiences working with Serai, and have learned more about the services and capabilities we offer. If you are interested in a similar profile building experience, you can register for our free strong profile building service, available for a limited time only.

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