60 seconds with Serai with Walden Lam of Unspun

February 17, 2022

In this episode of 60 seconds with Serai, we caught up with Walden Lam, Co-founder of Unspun, to talk about what sustainability means to him, the technology in supply chain he is most excited about and more. A full transcript follows.

What I wish I knew about my supply chain?

I wish I knew within our space of denim, that it's very complicated. There is wet process; there is dry processes. I wish I knew how complicated it was before I jump into this start-up.

If I had any super power that can strengthen my supply chain, it would be…

To dramatically simplify it. And to be able to connect to all the decision makers, so that we can create a system wide change to reverse climate change.

Your first priority in building a resilient supply chain?
A.  Digitalisation     B. Sustainable sourcing      C. Talent acquisition 

Trade-offs are for kids. All three.

What technology in supply chain are you most excited about?

I'm extremely biased, so definitely anything that's on-demand. I think automation, additive manufacturing in the context of sustainability within fashion is certainly appreciated.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Personally, it means knowing what your principles are and trying to live consistently with it.

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