60 seconds with Serai with Lindsey Hermes of Serai

March 17, 2022

In this episode of 60 seconds with Serai, we chatted to Lindsey Hermes, Head of Enterprise Solutions of Serai, about tomorrow's supply chain and the lesson she learned from the recent supply chain disruption.

What will tomorrow's supply chain look like?

Tomorrow's supply chain will look transparent, digitised and traceable.

Your first priority in building a resilient supply chain?
A.  Digitalisation     B. Sustainable sourcing      C. Talent acquisition 

All three.

What technology in supply chain are you most excited about?

Serai, of course.

What lesson have you learned from the recent supply chain disruption?

I've learned that we all need to collaborate. It is important to be part of the broader community and the industry to work together across the value chain.

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