60 seconds with Serai with JP Stevenson of Knitup

March 31, 2022

In this episode of 60 seconds with Serai, we chatted to JP Stevenson, Chief Commercial Officer of Knitup, a Cobalt Fashion and Fung Group company, about his priority in building a resilient supply chain and the technology he is most excited about.

What I wish I knew about my supply chain?

Supplier health.

If I had any super power that can strengthen my supply chain, it would be...?

Lots of money inject liquidity into the supply chain.

What will tomorrow's supply chains look like?

Digitalised; Blockchain.

Your first priority in building a resilient supply chain?
A.  Digitalisation     B. Sustainable sourcing      C. Talent acquisition 


What technology in supply chain are you most excited about?


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