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We simplify global trade by providing businesses with a platform to connect, trade and build more efficient supply chains.

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Search, find and connect with new buyers and sellers. Gain access to trade solutions to help you do business more efficiently.

Manage your supply chain


Get a complete view of your supply chain partners and visualise, analyse and verify information in one single place.


Trace order flow throughout your supply chain and share important information with the stakeholders that matter.

Why we exist

Global trade is unnecessarily complex and inefficient.
  • Trust is hard to build due to absence of information
  • Most businesses don’t know how to navigate new markets
  • Fragmented supply chain data is difficult to integrate
With over 150 years in facilitating supply chains, Serai was launched by HSBC to simplify global trade.
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Serai is evolving with its users, integrating technology service providers to help buyers and suppliers exchange data securely, while also building our own enterprise solutions to help you grow your business.
Vivek Ramachandran
CEO, Serai

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